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The Russian Revolution A Gallery Of Photos

25 May 2006 - Places of interest St Petersburg Russia


The 1917 Russian Revolution
1. Delegates at the 1st All-Russian Session of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies, photographed inside the Duma chamber in the Tauride Palice (Petrograd, June 1917). The leading Bolsheviks at the photo session, as exemplified by their front-row status, were Grigory Zinoviev and Lev Kamenev. Lenin evidently was not present for the occasion-- the balding figure in front of the rather lonely female figure of Alexandra Kollontai is probably G. B. Chicherin, who would serve as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1918 to 1930. Trotsky evidently also was absent (whether by choice or by design is unclear). Stalin apparently was on hand, but is not recognizable in the photo.

The 1917 Russian Revolution
2. Street demonstration, Petrograd, 18 June 1917. The banner in the foreground reads "Down With The 10 Capitalist Ministers/ All Power To The Soviets Of Workers', Soldiers', And Peasants' Deputies/ And To The Socialist Ministers/ [We Demand That Nicholas II Be Transfered To The Peter-Paul Fortress."

The 1917 Russian Revolution
3. Petrograd, 4 July 1917. Street demonstration on Nevsky Prospekt just after troops of the Provisional Government have opened fire with machine guns.

The 1917 Russian Revolution
4. General L. G. Kornilov, waving to the Moscow crowd from the back of an open limousine during the State Convocation held under Provisional Government auspices from 12-15 August 1917.

The 1917 Russian Revolution
5. Alexander Kerensky (center, white), charter member of the Provisional Government and its head in September-October 1917, arriving in Moscow on or about 12 August 1917.

The 1917 Russian Revolution
6. Junkers lounging in Winter Palace, Petrograd, fall 1917.

The 1917 Russian Revolution
7. Bolshevik Politburo, fall of 1917.

The 1917 Russian Revolution
8. American journalist John Reed, author of Ten Days That Shook The World.

The 1917 Russian Revolution
9. Much-publicized photo purporting to show the storming of the Winter Palace, October 1917. It is in fact from a Bolshevik re-enactment staged as a civic spectacle on the third anniversary of the action. The actual fighting at the Palace took place at night and there were no cameras present.

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